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Real Estate

TRESCOL and the real estate world

TRESCOL aspires to offer a wide range of real estate services. Our contributions to the real estate industry begin with the development of solutions that incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve the entire experience. TRESCOL employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make its real estate solutions as user-friendly as feasible. The aspects that set our solutions apart from the competition are that we provide accurate data analytics for each estate, making the process much more authentic.

Data analytics that TRESCOL offers

Days on the market (DOM)

Find out how many days, weeks, or months the property has been on the market.

Number of times sold

Do you want to discover how many times the house has been sold? We've finally arrived!

Value of resale

For a brighter future, learn about the property's prospective resale worth.

Condition before and after

Compare and contrast the desired property's initial and final conditions.

Ownership history

Knowing the history of an estate's owners might help to ensure its trustworthiness.

Why should you buy?

Learn why a property is beneficial or bad for you, as well as why you should buy it or not!