Zeerac ERP


TRESCOL set out to create a revolution in the real estate industry by delivering Software as a Service, and guess what? It was a success!



TRESCOL recognizes that AI and SaaS can be a winning combination. The benefits of this integrated effort can be translated into productivity for all firms involved in terms of client service, personalization, and security. As a result, we set out to achieve our goal.

We use Software as a Service (SaaS) as a product circulation model at trescol , in which a cloud provider provides applications and makes them available to end clients via the internet. In this arrangement, an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) may obtain the application from a third-party Cloud Provider.

The cloud conveyance model is managed through SaaS. A product supplier may host the application and related data on its servers, data sets, systems management, and asset registration, or it may be an ISV that contracts with a cloud provider to host the application on the cloud provider's server farm. Any device with an organization association will be able to use the app. Internet browsers are typically used to access SaaS apps.

AI is more accessible as cloud administrations have become amazingly open: businesses can now gather and store limitless data. This is when AI-as-a-service comes into play.



Aside from the fact that AIaaS allows you access to AI while reducing non-value-added tasks, it also has a high level of transparency. AIaaS allows you to pay per use - AI demands a lot of processing power, yet most evaluation models are based on usage.

A few states also allow the client to have more control over AI mechanization. HITL is a recurrent critique loop in which interaction owners provide AI input in unusual situations. The component aspires to accomplish what neither a person nor a machine can do on their own.



We should be honest: most as-a-administration phases aren't as simple to comprehend as they might make it out to be. Even though a large number of AI options are open source, which means they can be freely downloaded, modified, and used, they can be difficult to implement and produce. AIaaS, on the other hand, is largely ready for usage. AI programming can be used by process owners with little or no conventional preparation.


Have you ever heard of a group that receives less communications as it grows? We haven't either. AIaaS is designed to be scalable. You're already on the ball if you've set up your model to sort your info@ mailbox based on email importance or sentiment and pipe the appropriate messages to the appropriate person. AIaaS is best suited for running errands that need some level of mental judgement but aren't time-consuming.