Our Projects


Rems (Real estate management software)

An advanced Real Estate Management Service that excels in efficiency, transparency, an user-friendliness, catering to professionals, investors, and property owners globally.

Property Management Module
This module provides a range of services like project management, housing options, reporting, and customizable token management for streamlined operations.

Installment and Dealer Management
Effortlessly manage installment periods, revenue targets, and payments with our platform, offering dynamic plans, transaction tracking, and streamlined ledger management for tailored financial success.
Transaction and Finance
Simplify real estate management with our portal for easy finance tracking, reporting, payroll, payments, and transactions.

HR and User Management
Centralize user data management, customizable installments, and comprehensive reporting for streamlined payroll, performance management, and seamless onboarding with attendance tracking and role assignments.

Mobile App

Closefy (APP)

Closefy, a standout project developed by Trescol, revolutionizes the way we forge meaningful connections, serving as your ultimate companion for both personal and professional enrichment. This innovative networking platform elegantly bridges the gap between individuals seeking companionship during their travels and those offering local services, creating a vibrant community where every interaction is a step towards growth. With Closefy, you're not just exploring new horizons or enhancing local experiences; you're connected to a world brimming with possibilities, all thanks to Trescol's commitment to transforming digital interactions into lasting relationships. Closefy is a networking platform fostering meaningful connections for both personal and professional growth. It bridges the gap between individuals seeking companionship during travels or local services, providing a go-to solution for enriching experience.



A premier real estate platform enhanced with exclusive features aimed at improving real estate listings and user experiences. Our development of premium features for the Almaymaar website underscores our dedication to adding value and enriching the digital real estate landscape.

Aiwa city website

The creation of the Aiwa City website highlights our prowess in developing dynamic online hubs for real estate. This platform is a beacon of our comprehensive approach to digital solutions, facilitating enhanced interaction and streamlined operations.

The digital marketing (tdm)

The Digital Marketing (TDM) , delivered by Trescol, showcases a pinnacle of digital innovation tailored specifically for enhancing online business growth. With the Trescol initiative, TDM has meticulously crafted a cutting-edge website that exemplifies the fusion of state-of-the-art web design, strategic SEO implementation, and compelling content marketing. This project embodies our dedication to elevating businesses by driving significant online traffic, fostering robust engagement, and converting visitors into loyal customers. By leveraging our comprehensive suite of services, including PPC, social media management, and more, the Trescol project stands as a testament to TDM’s capability to transform digital presence into tangible success, all while ensuring strategies are custom-tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of the business.



Azad Mega Mart

Revolutionizing Retail with a Comprehensive E-Commerce Platform
For Azad Mega Mart, Trescol developed a state-of-the-art e-commerce website designed to enhance the shopping experience for customers across diverse categories. Azadmegamart.com showcases an intuitive user interface that simplifies navigation and streamlines the shopping process, accommodating a vast inventory with detailed product descriptions and secure payment options. Our team implemented advanced SEO strategies to ensure high visibility and user engagement, transforming the way Azad Mega Mart connects with its customer base and drives sales.

Nafees Online

Delivering Tradition and Quality Through a Seamless Online Platform
Trescol crafted a bespoke e-commerce platform for Nafees Online, focusing on their unique position in the market as providers of traditional and gourmet food products. Nafeesonline.com combines rich cultural aesthetics with functionality, offering users a fluid shopping experience that highlights product quality and heritage. Our approach included mobile-responsive design and robust SEO practices, ensuring an accessible and visible online presence that effectively reaches their target audience and supports their growth in the competitive online marketplace.